Why You Shouldn't Be So Hung Up on a 'Top School' | Fresh U

The flood of college acceptance and rejection letters just came and you’re hopelessly looking at the list of checks and crosses you have next to the schools you applied to. You look at your top school — the one you beamed so brightly at, the one whose colors you expected to wear — and it has a giant "X" next to it. It stings right after you get that thin envelope in the mail, but you shouldn’t fret, and here’s why. The school you chose to be your top priority might have offered the best program

To Rush Or Not To Rush a Sorority | Fresh U

I know what you are probably thinking: This bubblegum prep sorority girl will now explain to you why she joined an organization to “become a part of something bigger than herself.” Well, you’re wrong. I was on the fence about rushing, because I didn’t want to become a stereotype, and I felt that all the portrayals of Greek life in movies showed me a high school part two. I doubted that three days would determine which house I would belong to and the commitment sounded terrifying. I heard it all

Why You Should Be 'Selfish' and Worry About Yourself First | Fresh U

When you grow up, your parents teach you to not be selfish. You are taught to share, put others before yourself and consider others' feelings. These selfless traits are ones to admire, and soon friendships spur from your caring charisma. However, as you age, these traits engulf the way you think and soon all your acts are selfless. You are thinking too much about others and thinking about what makes them happy, not you. My best friend recently went through a breakup, and no, she’s not all tears

5 Ways to Balance Schoolwork and Social Life During Freshman Year | Fresh U

"College is one of the most exciting times of your life," they say. What you don't realize is that two weeks into your first year, you're binge watching Netflix trying to get over your hangover, eating last night's french fries and ignoring the notifications from your professors on upcoming assignments. You're in college for a reason: academics, I hope. Bright-eyed and fresh-faced, you graduated senior year looking forward to the next chapter in your life. You hope for a successful year and a

My Experience Going to College in Silicon Valley | Fresh U

In the last decade, there has been a major tech boom, and all major companies reside in Silicon Valley. The valley has become the main center producing the most technological devices you currently hold in your hand. Apple, HP, Cisco, Google, Netflix, Facebook, and Tesla are just a handful of the most booming businesses in the industry right now. Just a mere fifteen minutes away is where I go to school! I currently attend San Jose State University as a journalism student. A little background:

6 Reasons Why Living in a Co-Ed Dorm Isn't All That Bad | Fresh U

FIFA, NBA 2K competitions and the musk of cologne as you walk into the bathroom are all tell-tale signs that you live with guys. My family members are really intrigued with this concept because "back in their day," they never heard of co-ed living. In reality, many colleges and universities have co-ed dorms, and while it may seem risque to older generations, it isn’t all that weird.  I’m currently in a 900-square foot shoebox, living with my freshman year roommate and three guys. So you could

A Freshman's Guide To San Jose State University | Fresh U

The bustle of downtown San Jose will have you on your toes everyday, but in every right way. We have the center of our campus in the middle of Silicon Valley, and probably the best Asian cuisine spots you’ll ever encounter. This school is amazingly diverse and boasts a variety of sports, majors and organizations. Here are a couple aspects of San Jose State that you might want to know about before coming here. It’s a really exciting feeling to move into the dorms, but don’t be surprised when y

How to Deal With The Holiday Blues if You're Living Away From Home | Fresh U

It’s that time of year where we throw a tree in our homes, adorn everything with red and green and play Mariah Carey on repeat. Families come together for a feast that could feed your college self for a whole week, and you are showered with Black-Friday-bought gifts. It seems like the jolliest time of the year, but there is also an underlying feeling of isolation during this particular season. What is known as "seasonal depression" is the feeling of unhappiness, isolation and overall gloomine

3 Students In LDRs Give Advice on Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships | Fresh U

Being in a relationship in high school seemed easier because of convenience. College, however, is a much different ballgame. Long distance becomes a reality for high school sweethearts and the single ones are welcomed into a huge dating pool. I have never been in a relationship myself, however, I’ve lived vicariously through some of my friends' relationships, and have seen the lows as well as the beautiful peaks. My roommate, Jhanelle, has been with her boyfriend for almost three years now, a

6 Tips on Organizing Your Closet | Fresh U

Whether you are going back to a dorm, apartment, greek house, shoebox, etc., I can already assume you don’t have a grand walk-in closet at your place. If any of you are like me, I definitely have the struggle every semester of coming back to a small closet and having very little room for all of my clothes. It starts with me trying to squeeze everything in, but ultimately leads to laziness and clothes being shoved in any place that fits. It's messy! And it needs to stop. As a small new years reso

Top Sites College Students Can Access To Get News and Entertaining Content | Fresh U

Nothing is more appealing to me than enjoying a cup of coffee and a bagel, while the news plays in the background on a quiet morning. As a journalism major, I have been trying to keep up with my news as much as I can, and I enjoy so much just to discuss with my fellow journalists about topics spread across the headlines. I really encourage everyone to follow up on the news more, and there are many ways to do that without having to pick up a tangible paper! Here are some of my favorite places to

5 Ways to Get Out of the Sophomore Slump | Fresh U

The parties, the dorms, the welcome events and the overall excitement of your freshman year doesn't compare to your sophomore year in even the slightest. The surge of meeting new people by the herds has slowed down, you are cracking down on your school work and the stress has seemed to sink in. You think that maybe because you are a second year, you should be getting your life together, and the pressure sinks in even more. You no longer have the excuse that your mistakes are because you are a fr


Maybe you need to go to a therapist, Well your friend goes Maybe you are. That was the lasting conversation that will never escape my mind as I fought with my parents over my mental health and what I thought —at the time— was good for me. Many people would say that they live pretty well, average, happy lives. I mean I did, and I still do. But hey, I did go to therapy and considered crashing my car into a pole so who knows. The dark cloud over my head was small, and it didn’t seem noticeable